Star Bird 30

R72,900.00 R69,255.00

All models in this range comes standard with:

  • 2.0mm thick lipped channel
  • LED lights
  • 21-Day permit
  • Microdots
  • Natis documents
  • 300mm high solid side
  • Four standard colours available: white, brown, black & green
  • 76mm x 38mm x 5mm thick open channel
  • 50mm x 8mm x 1020mm long, heavy duty leaf springs
  • 2 x 1.8ton braked axles
  • 2x side gates
  • side ramp (can be used at the back)
  • combination gate at the back
  • 60mm jockey wheel
  • removable grid on floor
  • three beams in the length at the top
  • diver gate in middle
  • 50mm thick wooden second deck


1 x 4.0m x 1.8m Double axle cattle trailer with brakes, 2 x 1.8ton axles, 3ton GVM, 15” wheels.

3 Ton coupler in the front.

60mm Jockey wheel in the front.

2.0mm Thick lipped channel floor with the wheels on the outside of the trailer.

100mm x 50mm x 6mm Open channal to be used for the A-frame.

76mm x 38mm 5mm Open channal to be used for the chassis.

1020mm, 8 blade HD leaf springs.

Drain strips in the floor.

1.8m Rails, first 300mm closed with plate – main frame built from 50mm square tube.

Rear column built from 100mm rectangle tube.

Channel at 900mm for the second deck – 50mm Thick wooden deck included.

Swing / sliding gate at the back – gate to hang from above on bearings.

2 x Swing / sliding gates in the middle.

Colour: White, Black, Green OR Brown 2K Duco.

1 x Spare wheel 15” on the A-frame.

2 x Sliding gates on the right-hand side.

1 x Ramp on the right-hand side – can also be used at the back.

M12 Removable grid on the floor.

3 x Additional supports in the length on the top.

LED Lights.

Delivering: To collect or to be arranged but not included.

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4.0 x 1.8 x 1.8