What does the Handyman Range offer you?

(Gross vehicle mass) GVM range: 750kg to 2.3ton.

This range was developed for the individual or company who needs a durable trailer to work under normal conditions at an affordable price.

All GVM models come standard in white with a 1.6mm thick floor, 12Volt LED lights and a 48mm jockey wheel.

The Vinkie VV1, 490kg GVM trailer also offers the following as optional extras:
A canvas, nose cone, ramps and a front wheel grabber. 12/24Volt, 3in1 LED Lights are fitted as standard.

The cattle range also offers the following as optional extras:
LED Lights, a side gate, removable grid on the floor, divider gates as well as a 50mm thick wooden, second deck on the sheep / cattle range.

If you want a trailer to do the job at the right price, this will be it.